Baja taco was established in 1989 in Cordova, Alaska by former owner Liz Pudwill. It was originally just a old bus, which was outfitted as a kitchen. It all started when Liz went on a vacation to Baja and had her first fish taco. It was so good, she said "I'm going to sell these in Cordova", and she did. Her great idea was to take a Baja style fish taco and use fresh Alaskan fish. The best fish in the world comes out of Alaska, so these were some of the best fish tacos you'd ever taste. Back then, the menu was smaller and the bus shorter. Lots has changed over the years. With business picking up, a larger bus was purchased. Then in 2002, that bus was parked for good and a small cabin was connected to it. This gave locals a warm cozy place to hide from the weather while enjoying their food.


In the spring of 2004, a girl by the name of Andra Doll started working for Liz. Having grown up in Austin, Texas, she was very familiar with Mexican food. In fact she had started working in kitchens there when she was 16. After a few seasons of work, Andra was interested in something more and Liz was ready to sell. In 2008, Andra bought the restaurant and has been happily making tacos ever since.

Every spring the bus opens to sell delicious food to the community. She likes to open right after the longline season has started so she can sell fresh local Halibut, Pacific Cod, Rockfish, and whatever else she can get her hands on. In the middle of May, the Copper River opens for salmon fishing. Her husband, a commercial salmon fisherman, is able to bring in fresh salmon to be made into fresh fish tacos. The fish tacos are made from a local ingredient that supports the community as well as her family.

Since the spring of 1989, when Baja Taco opened for business, the restaurant has been serving some of Cordova's best meals. It has been featured in Sunset Magazine and the “best of” series on the Food Network. Its listed as one of the 50 things to do while visiting in Alaska Magazine, best taco in Alaska by Food Network Magazine, Top Choice by Lonely Planet, and has coverage in the Frommer's series.

Baja Taco is located in the south end of the harbor in Cordova, Alaska. As well as fish tacos, they have a large menu of other items. Whether you like Mexican, American/Mexican, or seafood, they have something for everybody. The kitchen is equipped with a full espresso bar and don't forget to try one of their famous milkshakes or smoothies. The restaurant serves wine, a large variety of Alaskan and Mexican beers, and Wi-Fi is available for customers. Baja Taco is extremely kid friendly so come in with your family for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Andra lives in Cordova all year round with her husband, Nathan, and 2 kids, Anika and Floyd. As for Liz, she “retired” and moved to Baja. She and her husband, Bob, come to Cordova once a year to visit. Mostly, they're happily living at the ranch in Baja, where they've started another business, Rancho LaVenta.