The Baja Taco Restaurant was established in 1988 by former owners Bob and Liz Pudwill. It was originally just an old bus which was outfitted for a kitchen to serve the many locals and tourists that frequent Cordova during the summer months. Under the Pudwills' ownership the restaurant became a success. In 2007 the Pudwills retired and sold the business to one of the locals.

Picture inside of kitchen

Under this new ownership, the Baja Taco continues to serve some of Cordova's best meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has been featured in Sunset Magazine and the "Best Of" series on the Food Network. It also has had coverage in the Frommer's series.

The Baja Taco is located near the south end of the boat harbor. The kitchen and espresso machine are in the old bus, with a window for ordering. The bus has been outfitted with ample indoor and outdoor seating areas for diners. The Copper River salmon tacos are exceptional, an original recipe straight out of Baja itself. All the meals are tasty and generous. The restaurant serves wine, both Alaskan and Mexican beer, and offers free Wi-Fi internet.

Andra Doll, the proprietor, lives in Cordova year round.   The restaurant opens in April and closes in September.

If you don't feel like a burger, swing by for some authentic Mexican food in the great wilderness of Alaska!

Contact Information:
The Baja Taco
PO Box 23
Cordova, AK 99574-0023
(907) 424-5599

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